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What can be done to best preserve the quality of protein when reheating with sides in a microwave?

Don't blame the microwave. It doesn't cook "inside out"; it just cooks relatively evenly compared to the heat of an oven or hob. But it also cooks quickly, and so you are cooking your food ...
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Can you finish a quality steak in the microwave

Microwaves don't cook as evenly as you might think. Even with a turntable, I would worry about hotspots and uneven cooking, particularly with thicker steaks. Also, they cook fast. Medium-rare versus ...
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How to reduce microwave power to prevent burned popcorn?

I make plain popcorn in paper sandwich bags all the time. I find that if I soak the kernels in water for 10 minutes before draining and popping them they don't burn and actually pop better (lighter ...
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