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Questions tagged the middle-eastern-cuisine tag should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from the Middle East (Western Asia and Northern Africa). Questions about Indian cuisine should use the indian-cuisine tag.

This tag should be used on questions about traditional Middle Eastern food.

The Middle East (aka Mid East) is a region that contains Western Asia and Northern Africa. Questions about typical ingredients (e.g. tahini), dishes (e.g. kibbeh) or preparations can use this tag.

Questions about ingredients that can be used in this cuisine, but are not distinctive about it, should not use this tag. According to Wikipedia, olive oil is a common used ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. However, a question about how to make your own olive oil should not be tagged with this tag, because olive oil is also used in a lot non-Middle Eastern dishes and cuisines.

Questions about Indian dishes should not have this tag because India is not in the Middle East - use the tag .