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The question seems to confuse some terminology. Let's first clear some things up. Bulgur is NOT a grind size. It is a process. "Bulgur wheat" (in English anyway) refers to whole or cracked or crushed wheat berries that are parboiled and then dried. There are various sizes of bulgur sometimes available (e.g., coarse, medium, fine, etc., or sometimes ...


In india it is called Sooji or Rava


I speak European languages only, and have shopped in several European countries (although, I admit, in some of my vacation destinations, I didn't make it to the grains aisle). In these languages and countries, wheat ground to the size you are asking for is used for one thing only: to cook couscous. It is never encountered in any other context. Also, the ...


In Brazil we use corn flakes to cook Couscouz. Maybe what you are looking for is Semolina Flakes or whole grain spelt semolina?


It's probably green almonds like bob1 suggested. We eat them raw as a fruit or they can be pickled. They are called Oja in the Syrian region عوجا.


I suspect that these will be pickled almonds. Almonds are a favorite ingredient in many middle-Eastern dishes. The green color and fuzz give it away, most other fruits like apricots and plums lack enough fuzz to be noticeable at the unripe stage and are very hard when unripe. I found a recipe with this photo: Are these are what you are after?

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