Questions on the applications of modern science to culinary techniques in the home or restaurant.

The tag refers to the eponymous style of cuisine, AKA modernist cuisine or experimental cuisine, in which modern scientific principles and techniques are used to enhance or replace the more traditional culinary methods used in home or restaurant kitchens.

The term molecular gastronomy has, on occasion, been used to denote any in-depth study of the physics or chemistry behind culinary techniques, as described in Wikipedia: Molecular Gastronomy. We prefer that questions with this tag relate to one or more areas commonly associated with the discipline, such as:

  • Use of chemical reagents (for foams/gels, spherification, etc.)
  • Use of specialized equipment (syringes, centrifuges, Pacojet, etc.)
  • Quantitative experiments designed to test claims or understand processes

If you are seeking a broad, general, theoretical understanding, as opposed to controlled experiments and applied chemistry, please use the tag instead.