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There's a big difference between what's possible with bread and with muffins or cakes because bread is from a dough and the rest is a batter. Bread dough has a lot of structure to begin because of the gluten, so you can partially cook it to set that structure and then crisp it up later. You can't do the same with a batter as there's no structure. When you ...


We make the muffin batter, pour it into liners, and freeze in the trays. Thaw overnight, then bake as usual.


As you asked more than one question here, I'm going to focus on the title: "How do you decide when to deviate from baking ratios?". And the answer is: when you want a different result. Ratios are useful guidelines when coming up with new recipes. They're not laws that need to be followed exactly. If you think something came out a little dry, then ...


Breaking bread with fingers and forking scones has its routes in Victorian and latterly Edwardian table etiquette. The proper etiquette is to break the bread with the fingers as a courtesy to your host. Some believe this traces this back to the last supper of Christ. The word company comes from two Latin words com = with and panis = bread. Ie. Com panis. (...


When swapping coconut flour for almond flour, you use only one third the amount. Coconut flour is EXTREMELY absorbent, so if you use one cup of almond flour, to swap with coconut flour would be one third cup, not a full cup. Otherwise, you're going to have one dry, crumbly mess.

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