Questions regarding facts about macro-nutrients within foods. Do not use for "what is healthy" or similar questions, which are off-topic.

General nutrition questions are off-topic on the site. We make an exception for certain questions about the nutritional makeup of foods, provided they are regarding facts, and culinary in nature.

The content of foods, and how they are affected by cooking or standard culinary treatments is an acceptable area for questions.

Examples of on-topic questions include:

  • How does ripeness of a fruit affect the amount of sugar it has?
  • Which types of food contain oligosaccharides?
  • How does cooking beans affect the amount of Vitamin K they contain?

Types of questions that are not permitted include anything making health interpretations or requiring medical knowledge to answer, including:

  • Questions regarding whether a given food is appropriate for a specific diet or medical condition
  • Whether a given food is healthy or not, or healthy in comparison to another food
  • What kind of diet is recommended for any reason

Examples of off-topic questions include:

  • Which type of sweetener is healthiest?
  • Should I drink soy milk or skim milk?
  • What is best for you, canned or frozen peas?
  • Which is healthier, raw or cooked tomatoes?
  • Is iron more bio-available in kale after it is cooked?

Note that nutritional questions are a borderline area. You may wish to come to chat or meta to discuss further, or for help asking a focused and effective question.