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In general, when a recipe says 'discard,' it means that the part to be discarded is not to be used in the scope of the recipe. I see no reason why you couldn't save the beef fat for other recipes, it can be refrigerated for about a week or frozen for 2-3 months. See this answer for tips on using the reserved fat. The sinew I would probably just toss. ...


Reconstituted dried blood will not have the quite the same texture as fresh blood. If the dish you're making requires blood as a thickener -- particularly if it's supposed to have a thick, gelatinous texture -- dried blood may not work correctly. For other textures, though, dried should be fine. By way of example, nearly all black pudding is made with dried ...


I learned from Iranian ladies in Iran, clean the tongue first, boil it on a low heat for 60 minutes at low altitude. Longer time needed at High altitude. When the outer skin shows signs of separating from the muscle, then drench the tongue in cold water for 10/15 minutes. The skin will separate from the muscle easily. This method is also used in Lebanon.,

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