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First, a little chemistry primer on what unsaturated fatty acids look like (this is petroselinic acid): By Yikrazuul (talk) - Own work, Public domain, Link You can see the double bond near the "middle" of the molecule. The "rest" of the molecule is attached to the same side of the double bond axis on both ends, making this a "cis" fatty acid. Rotation ...


Oils are viscous liquids, which means they don’t not move as easily as water. So We may say that in oil molecules (or atoms) are bond tightly to each other. So it will take more heat (or) temperature to evaporate the oils.


Delivery pizza is oily because it's been kept hot. You can see this in New York-style lunch counter pizza that's kept under a heat lamp as well. Melted cheese is primarily a mixture of casein (a protein) and fat. The casein in mozzarella is worked and stretched, like the gluten in bread dough, but is stabilized by being cool and containing congealed fat. ...


Overly greasy pizza is caused by baking it too hot too quickly. The high heat makes the butter fat in the cheese melt, causing a moist pizza.

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