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By grinding it, you are also increasing the surface are of the herb when it reaches the tongue, and you are exposing the raw/inner (bitter) flavors of the herb to the mouth. When cooking with it "un-ground", the cooking process extracts just the oils from the herb, and leaves the leaf in tact which does not taste unpleasant to the senses. I would certainly ...


I prefer to use a personal blender like the nutriblast that comes with a dry ingredients blade. As long as you remove the stems, it comes out soft and fluffy and aromatic. If you're worried about the surface area of the herb being exposed, then steep the herb in a piece of cheesecloth, then remove and discard. In this way, the flavors are instilled into ...


I agree with just sitting and picking the leaves off. It's no harder than shelling beans. Kind of therapeutic! Personally, I prefer the large fleshy Cuban oregano leaf. It's easy to work with and hard to kill when growing.

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