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Questions about selecting, operating, and maintaining conventional and convection ovens.

This tag is not a catch-all tag for any recipe or technique that uses an oven. Please read the full wiki text before adding it.

Topics accepted within this tag:

  • Conventional ovens, both gas and electric, which use one or more heating elements to cook by heat radiation. If you don't specify , we will assume you mean electric.

  • Convection ovens, which heat food using fan-forced hot air. Include the tag.

  • Wood fired ovens, which are heated using flames from burning wood. Include the tag.

  • Toaster ovens, which are technically a form of conventional oven. Please be aware that toaster ovens vary drastically in their characteristics and capabilities, so be as specific as possible when asking about these.

Topics not accepted within this tag:

  • Microwave ovens; use the tag for questions on microwaves or microwave cooking.

  • Questions about recipes or cooking techniques that happen to use an oven. This tag is about the equipment itself; if your question is not actually about selecting, operating, or maintaining an oven, then use the appropriate technique tag such as or .