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No "kneed" for a bread maker! You can also make bread by using a dutch oven. An example and recipe can be found here - The bread is easy and delicious!


I've used three different bread makers over the last 20 or so years. I make all our family's sandwich bread, and sometimes I make raisin cinnamon bread as a treat. We are a family of 5 with 3 now teenage boys, and I average a loaf a day. Those are all big 2lb loaves. Long ago, before I had a bread maker, I made a loaf by hand. It takes a lot of time. The ...


tl;dr - they never turn off. I've never worked in a kitchen with only one oven. I'm sure they exist, but I've never been in one. That said, contrary to moscafj's answer, I've certainly used ovens heavily during service. These examples come from a kitchen that had two combi Rational ovens (i.e., an oven and steamer in one). Typically one was kept on steam, ...


In restaurant kitchens, during service, ovens are mainly used for finishing, so food only spends a little time there (if at all). Often, a salamander is used to quickly broil. So, the oven, as you understand it, is more often a prep. tool, used when there is more time to stagger prep. or allow for more lengthy preparations. For something like baked fish (...


You sure it's not on? Turn off the breaker to the stove and see if it cools. Possible the grease fire damaged the controls..


So long as the fire is truly out, then just give the oven time. It may take a few hours to cool the metal back to room-temperature, just as it would if you had baked something in it.


Personally, I wouldn't even consider it. If it melts both your meat & roasting tin are trash. I also wouldn't consider it to 'distribute heat more evenly', it will start as a cold spot, then eventually become a steamer. It would probably prevent browning on the underside. I'd consider it with the same scepticism I do most of the "clever hacks" ...


I can't imagine there's any benefit in using the tray liner as a cooking aid, anything about them distributing heat evenly is a load of garbage, that's what pans are for. Plus, cooking your food on a sponge of silica gel and plastic that's absorbed a bunch of blood is just plain gross. It's impossible to say whether the plastics have BPAs, different ...


That is not the way convection baking normally works in the US. You selected the wrong oven.

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