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All Clad is a highly respected company and their products are well-made. If I was in your shoes, I'd contact their customer service and provide that picture to see if there is anything they can do to either repair or replace. The worst that could happen is for them to say "no", but you never know...they might do something for you! Worth the effort!


From the way that picture looks, this is a sandwich-bottom pan with some thin kind of coating on the bottom. That coating seems to have come off. In that case, there is nothing you can do to make it look the way it did before. If I were you, I would just continue to use the pan as-is. No need to throw it away, as it will still work, and no need to try to ...


If you want to mechanically dislodge stuff without any scratching, try cleaning it with a silicone spatula, the ones made for baking. They can "lick" a bowl of mousse clean. For something like a meatloaf, a few stray bits will stay, but they should be small enough to get cleaned with a sponge. The large amounts of grease and clumps of protein will be gone. ...


The secret to getting meat loaf off is to first soak it in cold water for a good 15 minutes or longer. Cold water soaks are good for high protein food like eggs and meat as well as starches like oatmeal. On a scratch-able surface I like to use a butter knife to gently pry off the material that doesn't wipe off after a soak. Fingernails work too if yours are ...

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