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One element of the question that hasn't yet been answered: "Is it really necessary to stock 3 types of flour in my pantry...?" Probably not. At least two are good, but it will cost you more than just buying AP. You can actually blend your own all-purpose flour by mixing a soft flour (like cake or pastry flour) and a hard flour (like bread or "high-gluten" ...


White peppercorns are used purely for aesthetic reasons- just to avoid black specs in a pale dish. Unfortunately, in my opinion, white peppercorns taste absolutely terrible. They have a sour, astringent, flavor not at all similar to black peppercorns. I don't think black pepper looks objectionable so I always use it.


You could probably get away without having white peppercorns. There is a slight difference in flavor, but the reasons for white over black pepper tend to be more aesthetic. Just use a little less in black pepper than what the recipe calls for in white. I doubt you'll notice any difference.


I think it is worth mentioning that in the Central-to-Eastern Europe and in other places likely as well, you differentiate 3 basic types of flour according to how fine it is milled: 00 flour or smooth flour, used into sauces; half-whole flour, for general purposes, especially into most baked cakes; whole flour, for making breads and dumplings; it is as well ...

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