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Why did James Bond heat up the knife for his foie gras?

From this link The key to slicing and portioning foie is to treat it like a rich mousse-cake: Make sure to heat up your knife under running water in between every slice. A cold knife will ...
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Why did James Bond heat up the knife for his foie gras?

I think it helps the knife to pass through the foie gras quickly without anything sticking to the surface of the knife blade, making for cleaner cuts. Enjoying foie gras
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Pectin vs Agar Agar vs Gelatin for Pate de Fruits

There are plenty of high-sugar-content sweets that use gelatine, so it would be a reasonable substitute, but won't match the texture that pectin would normally provide in a pate de fruit or jam. I ...
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Could you use a bread tin as a pate mould?

I've used a small loaf pan as a pate mold, worked just fine. I don't see any reason really not to use one as long as the size is good for what you intend. I don't like the plastic wrap idea, I'm not ...
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Which herbs are cooked and which go raw, when making fish pate

Raw garlic isn't to everyone's taste so should be cooked. The flavour of rosemary is also best cooked, or even infused and removed as it can be rather dominant if you find a big bit. You may want to ...
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How to set runny paté?

Assuming it’s chicken liver pate, have you tried adding butter, cream or other saturated fat? This can thicken and so firm pate quite well. Or you could use some kind of meal - oat flour or matzo meal,...
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