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Cracked oven proof dish - trying to understand the physics of what went wrong

You have answered your own question, it was the rapid change in temperature which caused the ceramic to crack. Oven temperature for bread baking is usually somewhere around 200°C/400°F, whereas water ...
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Cracked oven proof dish - trying to understand the physics of what went wrong

Presumably the dish was pre-heated to bread baking temperature (?450F?) but the water was at least 200F cooler. Water has a HUGE heat of vaporization. It takes 5.4 times as much heat to convert water ...
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How does deglazing work?

It seems like there are 3 sub-questions to this question: Physical level Adding liquid in the pan creates steam, a moist, hot gas which is able to move between the solids of the fond and lift the fond ...
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How does ice cube bag work

I'm not sure that this is on-topic for this site. However, basically it is a non-return valve AKA check valve, that only allows the water to enter. These consist of a flap that only opens in one ...
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Oven spring:release of CO2 in to the surrounding gas cells?

Gas cells are bubbles that have formed in the dough. The "liquid dough phase" is the moist dough, or perhaps the "moisture of the moist dough." The "liquid dough phase" ...
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Chocolate won't melt

Chocolate is a peculiar substance. It consists of cocoa butter (a fat), cocoa solids, sugar and possibly some other components like what you listed. To get its smooth texture it goes through quite a ...
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Chocolate won't melt

The explanation is that you have overheated your chocolate, and it has seized. The whole oven idea isn't all that practical. An oven isn't a sous vide setup. It doesn't hold a constant temperature, it ...
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