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1) How thick should Baking Steel be? Opinions vary. Standard thicknesses for these seem to be in the 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch range. Advantages for thicker: Heat at faster rate for the initial burst of baking, if you're trying to reduce bake time as much as possible and approach Neapolitan style pizza (generally better ability to get some charring on the ...


I use a 3/8 inch (about 9.5mm) thick, 16 inch (40.6 CM) in diameter pizza steel in my gas oven. It's a full size oven (accepts a full sheet pan), so there is plenty of room around the steel. I'm not sure how to quantify wasted energy, but I find it needs at least an hour to fully heat to the maximum temperature of my oven. That's a tad over 500F...maybe ...

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