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"Optimal" is a matter of taste and opinion with regard to this question. I am not sure we can answer that. I would start with a calibrated oven thermometer and crank your oven, so you know what temperature you can achieve. In my home oven, I can achieve a decent Neapolitan style pizza using a pizza steel and oven temps slightly below 260C (500F). This is ...


An easy way to get more even cooking is to stop cooking just before the edges get done - turn off the power and leave it in the oven to cook in the residual heat. The heat on the outside is gentler, less direct, and it takes longer so there's more time for the temperature to even out in the middle. Depending on how long you leave it in there and perhaps ...


I'm making homemade pizza right now. I make my own dough from scratch and incorporate the basil and oregano into the dough as I knead it. I let it rise for 40 min then I punch it down and roll it out to fit my pan. I put the dough on the pan and use a roller perforator to punch hundreds of holes in the crust. I then pre bake the dough at 425 deg for 12-...


If you are taking a frozen one out of the box, definitely the "5 o'clock" setting as rumtscho suggested. However, if you're using a homemade or fresh dough with fresh ingredients, the 4 o'clock (two horizontal lines) without the fan is worth a try, so that you get a static heat. This should prevent your pizza from getting dried out by the fan.

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