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Assuming I have the right kind of flour and I let it leaven the right time depending on the above flour, after I portion the dough for individual pizzas I make them again in a round shape by rolling in two opposite directions and letting them rest with the seed facing downwards. To spread, the principle to follow is to start from the center and let the air ...


It does not look baked enough. Are you using a pizza stone, that might help a little bit. You could fire up the broiler mode on your oven to crisp up the top of your pizza. Keep an eye on it so it does not burn.


Once it's reached a boil, then drop it to the lowest your burner will go. With the lid on, the idea is to have just noticeable movement, with as few bubbles as you can get. Many burners won't go that low; but a tomato sauce should be OK at a low simmer for an hour, so long as you stir it every 10 mins & make sure it doesn't start to stick. If you take ...

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