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I pretty much agree with most of GdD's answer, but I'll just add that this particular biga formula is already going to be problematic in terms of exactness, due to the fact that it requires 0.14 gram of yeast or 1/24th of a teaspoon. That's a small enough quantity of yeast that even a few more or a few less granules could make a significant difference in ...


1: Done is when you are happy with the result, less than 18 hours means less fermentation, more means more fermentation, it all depends on how much flavor you want to get out of it. 18 hours is approximate and as you say there are many factors. For a biga I'd use my nose, you will get a feel for when it is ready. Much more than 18 hours might get a bit ...


Well, first things first... as I mentioned in my comment, tapioca flour gets gummy when heated. That's expected. In Brazil we do have something called just tapioca, and otherwise known as tapioca crepe that's made with hydrated tapioca flour spread on a pan and heated until all it sticks together and forms a "crepe" of sorts Picture here, so you can see the ...


I don't think the dough formula is the issue. Instead, you might experiment with par-cooking your pizza. The first comment from @Sneftel has it right. Maybe start with a half-cooked pizza. Adjust from there. Any fully cooked, then reheated pizza will likely over cook, or incur the problems you are trying to avoid.


Delivery pizza is oily because it's been kept hot. You can see this in New York-style lunch counter pizza that's kept under a heat lamp as well. Melted cheese is primarily a mixture of casein (a protein) and fat. The casein in mozzarella is worked and stretched, like the gluten in bread dough, but is stabilized by being cool and containing congealed fat. ...


In Naples pizza is made water first. Modernist Bread says it doesn't matter. I think you'll have a much easier time with water first, plus it opens up resting/autolyze possibilities.

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