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Nixtamalized cornmeal for polenta?

At least in the US, there are two types of grits: (a) dried ground corn, and (b) hominy grits. The latter is nixtamalized. I can't find any historical references to using nixtamalized corn in ...
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Shan Tofu not jelly-like but rather crumbly

If it is crumbly you are probably using not only a little too much flour, but also have a problem with hard water, which means lots of calcium dissolved in the water. One way I remove calcium is to ...
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Cornmeal won’t set up

It sounds like maybe you have introduced an enzyme (such as alpha amylase) into your polenta. What is in your recipe? You might try cooking your polenta at a boil for at least 30 seconds.
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Nixtamalized cornmeal for polenta?

I am italian and it is the first time that I hear about nixtamalized cornmeal (there is not even a real translation to nixtamalize). But I can assure you that you can use different mix of flour to ...
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