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Replicating the thin, soft crust of Portuguese Sweet Bread

I'm the OP. After a lot of experimentation and reading, I've found that the solution is to use steam. A lot of articles talk about how steam is necessary for a hard crust so that made me think it was ...
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Caldeirada - the Portuguese fish soup

Tradition counts for a lot in many cuisines, so the answer may be 'because that's the way it's always been' in Portuguese cuisine. However, I would put the onion at the bottom because it takes the ...
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Proper size of Portuguese custard tart

For what my personal experience is worth: The pastel de nata I ate in Portugal this year (at least from 10 different bakeries) were more in line with a 2 cm height than 3 cm I'd say. I could imagine ...
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Why cook octopus with an onion?

I would suspect for the same reason you often marinade steak or meats in onions. According to the answer onions contain proteolytic enzymes which are natural tenderizers, by breaking down proteins ...
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Why does the grated coconut "float" to the top of quindim while baking?

While the mixture is raw, the density of the batter is more or less equivalent to the density of the grated coconut, and the batter is fluid, allowing movement. During cooking, the egg protein in the ...
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What caused the crust on on the top of my bread to separate from the rest of the loaf?

What caused it: it's gotta be gases from the yeast exhalations which are unable to escape the air-tight envelope of the crust layer. So they just build up in a bubble right under the surface. Cutting ...
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How do you prepare bacalhau before cooking?

This answer is useful in the case you do not have much time (12 hours, or even days) to let the cod fish soak in water (put water, wait, change water, repeat). There is a nice trick to prepare it in ...
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Is very slow smoking of meat allowed commercially in the US?

There are several additional questions that your original question brings about, if you are in the context of the USDA and regulations. Whether or not the USDA allows for this kind of sausage ...
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Why do most egg tart molds appear to be blackened?

That looks to me to be seasoned carbon steel for both the individual cups and the trays. When first seasoning cast iron or carbon steel, it can look orange or brown, but as you cook it repeatedly (or ...
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Replicating the thin, soft crust of Portuguese Sweet Bread

Keep that skin surface moist, bakers often spray some water on the bread as it cooks, this makes it tender flaky and soft. Hard crust is for lack of a better word, dry/burnt
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