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Pot roast hit safe temp. Should I keep cooking?

I highly recommend cooking pot roast (or any low-and-slow stew or braise) by checking the texture, rather than using time or temperature. Something like a steak can be cooked just to the desired ...
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Pot-Roast in Advance

You will end up with different results depending on which options you select, but people's interpretation of "pot roast" varies greatly, so it's impossible to say if any particular set of ...
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How to determine the grain of a fresh/ uncooked Arm Roast

For most cuts of meat, the direction of the grain should be relatively easy to see. Usually at least one face will have no visible striation, and the grain will run roughly perpendicular to that. If ...
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Making a test tiny roast

I make a lot of home cured corned beef so the seasonings are pretty set. When I first started, I didn't try to make a soft tiny roast to test the seasoning, instead I sliced off a thicker slice and ...
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Advantages and disadvantages of braising a pot roast covered in the oven vs on the stovetop

The difference in taste should be minimal, if everything is done right. But for completeness, here a list of the advantages and disadvantages: Advantages of the oven: if the piece of meat is large, ...
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Advantages and disadvantages of braising a pot roast covered in the oven vs on the stovetop

Braising can happen in the oven or on the stove top, and covered or uncovered. Covering limits evaporation. Braising in the oven provides the convenience of keeping the stove top burners free, and ...
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Do I put the pot roast above or below the vegetables in my crock pot?

I put my veggies on the bottom. Midway, I reverse the meat and veggies or just mix all in. I do not want my root veggies too mushy. I always cook at high temp 6 hours (roast/stew) after browning ...
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What temperature is the "warm" setting of a PC550 slow cooker?

so I am wondering what I should do from here (turn up the temperature, refrigerate it, etc.). Raher late advice given your posting date, but perhaps helpful if you still have and use the PC550. As ...
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