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Once I tried making caramel from muscovado sugar and got it badly burnt, coating the bottom of the (steel) pot with black residue that seemed impossible to remove. I guess this is the same you're describing. I tried putting some water and drain cleaner on it and leave it for the night. In the morning, the black layer had become unstuck and was floating on ...


Just had my first experience using this product and trapped my dinner. I did not burn my kitchen down but the thought did come up. I thumped the pot edge in a stainless sink till the vacuum was broken. Customer Service did say to heat it up but when the trapped item inside is burning this seems dangerous to me.


Broiler pan. This is mine. The last thing I made on it was bacon this past weekend. It worked just like what you want - the bacon cooked and the fat dribbled down thru those slots into the pan below. I have melted cheese many times on this pan. It is perfect for nachos. The other nice thing about melting cheese under the broiler is that you can get it ...


A steaming basket comes to mind. These fit in a variety of pots and pans and keep items off the bottom.

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