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"bags" for making potato dumplings

I know it's not a 'cooking bag' answer, but my experience (Dutch heritage, culinary experience and training) is that most of the successful recipes for these kinds of 'dumplings' use some kind of ...
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"bags" for making potato dumplings

One idea you could try is using empty cotton tea bags. These seem to be available easily (I just found a few on ebay when trying to search for 'Kochbeutel' in German). Check the size but large ones ...
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"bags" for making potato dumplings

One option might be "nut milk bags" which are designed to filter the liquid squeezed out of nuts. It's just cheesecloth sewn into a sturdy bag shape.
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Hash Brown Terminology

It sounds like what you are looking for is hash browns "properly cooked". Excellent hash browns are crispy and golden brown on the outside, while the potato shreds inside are hot, tender ...
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