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Spread them in a 9x13 pan, and put in an oven (about 250°F - 350°F) and leave the oven door cracked open a good ways to expel the evaporating moisture. (Otherwise you're just macerating the potatoes) Stir occasionally. It will dry them out. Yes it will heat up your house but it will save the potatoes.


Would microwaving on a paper towel help remove ice crystals and help avoiding soggy potatoes? I don't believe this would be a good approach. To microwave long enough to drive off moisture, you will wind up cooking the potatoes in the microwave. Then when you attempt to finish cooking, the interior of the potatoes will over-cook before you get the right ...


Here's my method. First I rinse the frozen potatoes under cold water (in a colander) until thawed. It only takes a minute or two. Then I squeeze as much excess water out of the potatoes as I can. Then I season them and put them in a very lightly oiled pan and press and form to get the shape and thickness I want, and get them to hold together. When the first ...


According to these folks, just compact frozen, shredded potato and begin frying. Cover, and cook the first side until golden. Remove cover, press, flip, season, cook side 2. Perhaps adding your current technique could help me improve my answer.

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