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Is the stock in my unsealed jar safe?

If you had followed correct procedure and found the unsealed jars in a timely manner, (within 24 hours) you could use or freeze them. You did not, you waited 2 days. It is generally false that "...
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Out of power after one hour of canning

Barring the somewhat unlikely case that the pot was boiling with pressure maintained for 15 minutes with the power off, official advice is that the timer restarts from zero after an interruption (so ...
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Pressure canning issue with weight and timing

According to Pressure canning applesauce requires 5 minutes at pressure for pints (half-litres) and 10 minutes at pressure for quarts (litres) It can ...
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Can I pressure cook nested containers?

Any container can be pressure cooked to recommended temperatures given enough time in the cooker. This may cause the food inside to become overcooked. But that's not your main problem with this ...
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