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First, I would recommend changing how you cook the breasts -- I usually poach breasts, starting it in boiling liquid then putting on a lid, turning the heat down to low and letting it sit for an hour. Second, I'd put the breasts back into the liquid after you shred it. Usually, when you introduce so much surface area to hot meat, it lets off steam, which ...


buy the whole breast with bone, bake them 350° for 50 min keep the skin while baking remove it later if you want, i will say make it cubes not shreds and add some chicken stock to the storage container, that should keep them moist.


Chicken breast is not suitable for making shredded meat. For that, you need collagen-rich dark meat, for example chicken thighs. If you cook your chicken breast less, as moscafj suggested, you can certainly get tasty chicken breast. For easy portioning, you can precut it into strips and keep a supply of pan-fried strips, for example. But you will never get ...


The first issue I see is that you are over cooking your chicken breast. 20 minutes in a pressure cooker is really over doing it. Even a little over cooking dries chicken breast. Chicken breast needs to be cooked more precisely. A pressure cooker is not the correct tool for the job. So you first need to correct your initial cooking. You should get a ...


I warm glasses of red in winter. About 5 to 8 seconds on high does the trick. I think it improves the drinking experience.

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