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Giving a minimum time is not possible, because it depends on the size of the loaf, whether it is in a pan or not, and the ambient temperature of the location where it is cooling. In general, the recommendation is to cool the loaf to room temperature. If you are baking rolls, this might mean 30 minutes. For a larger loaf, it could be hours. At the risk of ...


It sounds more like they're frying, then baking the beef in the oven to finish it. Fry the battered beef until in floats (to ensure it cooks all of the way through,) then bake in a 350° oven until it reaches your desired crispness. The longer it bakes the harder it should get.


I am also looking to replace the Roasted Garlic salt from Lawry's. The flavor was perfect and just a little dash or two enhanced the flavor of so many things. As an experiment, I tried blending one part 'Lawry's Seasoned Salt' to one part 'McCormicks Roasted Garlic' (something I bought looking for an alternative) in a small shaker. I compared the two (yes, ...


Yes, theoretically, and no for practical purposes. Here's the Yes part: If you have access to a chemistry lab, you can certainly analyze the dish for the presence of specific molecules that would indicate the presence of specific spices. For example, the presence of "cinnamaldehyde" would indicate that cinnamon was used. Here's the No part: First, ...


You can use a mini scooper to cut the goat cheese in spherical shape. After cutting the spheres, put a toothpick to it, coat it with castor sugar or dermerra sugar. Blow torch it evenly on all sides. Enjoy!!


Harissa Sauce is likely what you want, the sauce has found different names, it's origin includes Lebanon. I found one of many recipes at:


To avoid sogginess the restaurant that I worked at, and probably all others, avoid baking sauce on the enchiladas in a dish. Cook and heat you're assembled enchiladas in the oven but here's the key. Serve onto the plate DRY and scoop Hot enchilada sauce on top as your serving. That's what the restaurants do. Especially as there's no way to keep Mass amounts ...


Yes I have had the same experience. I have consulted various Cook Books from well know chefs and some specific to oriental cookery. All were disappointing which makes me believe that the real methods used were being obscured. I decided to try myself and have found a method that I believe most resembles the end product that you get in the takeaways. The main ...

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