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How should I bake a cake in a rice cooker with no cake setting?

I've seen a youtube video that does it with what looks like a cheap rice cooker. I think that you need to experiment and test to see how long it will take to cook; every rice cooker will be different. ...
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How to avoid "Keep Warm" mode on rice-cooker

Since you know exactly how long your cook time is (or at least you should have a relative idea of it), you can just put the rice cooker on a power supply that has a timer-based shut-off mechanism. ...
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How to cook tarhonya in a pressure cooker or rice cooker

To cook tarhonya in a pressure cooker or an Instant Pot, follow these directions: Ingredients: 1 cup tarhonya 1.5 cups water 1-2 tablespoons cooking oil A pinch of salt (The recipe is easily scalable ...
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