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It's a personal preference. I preferfood at, below, or slightly above room temperature while my relatives like their food scalding hot.


We don't need to reheat food. Cooked food can be eaten cold. We may want to reheat food if its something that would be easier to eat or tastes better hot; or to kill bacteria if its been sitting out at room temperature and may pose a food safety issue.


The primary reason for reheating is just that warm food is more pleasant to eat. How warm, that is a personal preference - and stirring or heating longer can ensure more throughout heating. Reheating does weaken and kill pathogens. However, properly stored food should not have a dangerous amount of pathogens to start with. And some pathogens can either ...


You don't. Reheating food does not improve food safety, it is purely a matter of taste. Even "piping hot" is not hot enough to kill off any pathogens. If it's safe to eat warm, it's safe to eat cold. As an anecdote, my sister considers last night's leftovers, cold directly from the fridge, the most delicious of breakfasts. Regardless of if it's ...

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