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What is the difference between a Jus, Sauce and a Gravy?

Au jus means "in the juices" that cooking the meat produced. It can only be thickened by reducing it without additions, otherwise it is something else entirely.
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Emulsifying starchy vegetables

First, I would expect the Bon Appetit recipe to result in a greasy soup as written. It has both too much oil, and too much pasta water in it. The standard way to make a "creamy" pumpkin ...
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Avoiding clumps in cacio e pepe?

I think the key here is heat. The cheese clumps when it too hot, and the key of this recipe is temperature control, that is why you have to grate the cheese as finely as possible. Tips: Take the pan ...
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A little olive as flavor enhancer

Unlike the other ingredients that you mention, olives don’t break down to disappear. Instead, they’re often added at the end of slow cooked dishes. In some cases they might be diced up into an ‘olive ...
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A little olive as flavor enhancer

All of the items you mention, including olives, add umami. They are high in glutamates. Every culture's cuisine has glutamate boosting ingredients. It really doesn't take much, and is often an ...
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