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How to make a nutella chocolate sauce that stays liquid at room temperature?

I make a Nutella sauce regularly for waffles, the most effective way to thin it out is adding milk. You can use water and it does work as well, although it loses a bit of richness. I would not use oil ...
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Flavored liquid butter

First, to answer Danielle's question and to expand on Raydot's answer. Clarified butter and Ghee can both be stored at room temperature, at which temperature they are usually liquid. But whilst ghee ...
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Flavored liquid butter

There is a product called Chef's Quality liquid butter alternative, along with other companies butter substitutes. Just do an online search for butter sauce and you will find a few ideas. I bought the ...
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Help recalling the name of a recipe?

Could that pasta be Spaghetti all'Amatriciana? It's one of the most famous italian pasta dishes. It doesn't start with an M but the M is the second letter. And as correctly suggested By @Chris H, and ...
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Is there a difference between US Worcestershire sauce and UK Worcestershire sauce?

As a longterm US resident from Britain and Africa I personally find the official US version significantly sweeter. In fact I prefer a store brand knock off version which has less sugar.
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