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They are both sweet and savoury. You can use the same recipe & put clotted cream & jam on them, or butter [salted, of course], or slices of cheese, ham, anything you like… even Marmite. This is what you get searching the BBC [good old Auntie Beeb, can't get more stiff-upper-lip British ;) - BBC Good Food - Savoury scone recipes Because I ...


Plain english scones are generally not sweet-tasting, though you'll sometimes find them baked with sugar sprinkled on top, or with fruit like raisins or raspberries mixed in. Scones, particularly plain ones, are generally served with jam. So if you insist on classifying foods as either "savory" or "sweet", I suppose you'd have to put scones in the "sweet" ...


Scones should really be mixed very minimally, in order to avoid developing the gluten structure. Over mixing will result in less crumbly end product. So, in this instance I would not recommend a stand mixer. Instead, just mix by hand.

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