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I have seen this kind of skillets in packets with ingredients. Both for brownies and for mini pizza's. Mix the ingredients as per the instructions, put in the little skillet and put in the oven. It might be a bit big for the 'cook on the table' sets, but it might fit for that. You can use them for whatever is small enough to fit in and on each kind of heat ...


Every year these skillets come with the individual chocolate chip cookie mixes (and individual brownie, cake, etc) that you can get in the gift aisle at Christmas. They're usually considered food gifts. If you go to Amazon and put in the phrase "skillet cookie kit" you can see a wide range of them.


Yes, it can ruin the pan. Non-stick pans are very sensitive to overheating. When their bottom is well covered with fat or fluid and pieces of food, the heat coming from the stove gets conducted from the pan to the food, and it usually doesn't overheat. But if you place a bundle on the pan, there will be large spots not in direct contact with cooling fluid (...


I don't think that this is the official use, if there is one, but I use this tiny skillet at home to melt together butter/oil and garlic before putting into the rest of my food, like pasta.

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