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Why does Member's Mark Frozen cod have 340mg of sodium while other frozen cod is 75-110mg per serving?

Read the ingredients: INGREDIENTS: COD, WATER, SALT The added salt is the source of the extra sodium. Most frozen fish does not have added salt. Source:
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Revisiting bread without added salt

It's quite simple to just make low-sodium bread, without otherwise changing the recipe at all. For example, if you were using the King Arthur Sourdough Bread recipe, you could cut the salt down to 3/...
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Is MSG necessary or what to replace it with?

This is an interesting topic in that there is a polarisation between people who want to avoid it and those who swear by it. There is some misinformation in that MSG is not exactly found in nature. ...
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High sodium Udon noodles

While some of the sodium content will leach out of the noddle during soaking, unfortunately most of the sodium will remain. The sodium (salt) is added to the dough before the noodles are formed, ...
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Can a food contain 'extra' sodium?

I think you've misunderstood people talking about sodium; I would expect they are generally just talking about table salt, NaCl. Addressing your question about quantity, it's very common that when ...
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Revisiting bread without added salt

Oh, hello fellow traveller of the saltless seas, and well met! I've been making bread without salt for about a year for health reasons, due to which I can't replace sodium with potassium in my ...
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Low-sodium Thai Dishes

Instead of limiting yourself to specifically low-sodium recipes, try substituting low-sodium versions of soy sauce and fish sauce into your favorite traditional recipes. This will give you a much ...
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Can a food contain 'extra' sodium?

The answer is "no", but probably not for the reasons you imagined it. The most widespread mental model on taste is what I would all "analytical": salt ions hit the receptors on ...
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Can a food contain 'extra' sodium?

I too think you have mis-understood what happens when the sodium is declared on the product nutritional information. To get the sodium content (and other contents too), the food-stuff undergoes a ...
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What kind of reaction when you combine sodium bicarbonate and sodium acid pyrophosphate?

A quite readable explaination from a supplier of leavening agents : According to them, sodium acid pyrophosphate has ...
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Why using ammonia bicarbonate and baking powder for deep fried bakery product?

1) the various ionic interactions with proteins in the batter can determine its characteristics. Some information are at
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Amount (percentage of sodium in meat being cooked) of sodium left in water (broth) after cooking meat

You have 2 options to measure the amount of salt in the soup. Measure the salt content directly by weight, or measure the electrical conductivity of the broth. For either solution you need to filter ...
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How can I make low sodium (140mg or less per serving) pancakes / waffles?

You can buy no sodium baking powder and baking soda as far as salt goes I just leave it out but I do whip my yolks and whites separately.
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Low-sodium alternatives for Asian cooking sauces?

Try Dr Greger How Not to Die Cookbook. He has a recipe for Umami sauce which is made from molasses, vinegar, garlic, ginger, date syrup, tomato purée, lemon and miso paste. I make a big batch and ...
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