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There is a lot of flavor in parsley stems, as is true of most "soft" herbs. In my kitchen, if it is soft/palatable, I use it.


Yes, you can do it and it will work. In fact, there is a huge market for products doing exactly that. You may know them as "bouillon cubes" but they exist in versions other than cubes, such as powder or liquid. They are a combination of MSG and aromatics, usually also salt. They rarely use gelatin, since the gelatin is actually a side effect of ...


Put them in some cheesecloth and remove them at the end of cooking.


Dilution is the solution to pollution. There is no way to cover that smoke flavor. But you can thin out the Mexican soup with some other bland soup and that might turn out good. You could use tomato soup, or cheese soup or really any soup with flavors you think might be complemented by the Mexican soup. I am thinking clam chowder with smoky Mexican soup ...

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