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How can you cook a Spaghetti Carbonara sous-vide?

In my understanding a traditional Carbonara recipe using no cooking of the egg yolks at all. The steps are Fry the bacon Boil the pasta Mix the egg yolks and the grated cheese Pour the egg yolk ...
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Cooking salmon quenelles souse-vide?

The quenelles will not hold together when you vac-pack them. They'll just go squish. They're quite delicate, and like most quenelle recipes this one relies on the mixture going straight from the ...
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How can you cook a Spaghetti Carbonara sous-vide?

The answer appears to be 63C for around 1 hour. You should never exceed 65C because the sauce will break. Having answered your question, I want to point out some problems with doing Carbonara sous-...
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Why would someone want a 15" vacuum sealer over a 12"?

95% of the time, a 12" meets my needs. But when I want to make pork belly bacon, most slabs don't fit in the 11"-wide bags without folding. 15" handles briskets and pork bellies easier. ...
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