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For a hot porridge my main flavours are cinnamon, as you've done, and ginger with cocoa powder. This works unsweetened if you don't use too much chocolate.


It all depends on whether you are willing to go for more savory flavours (e.g. cumin) or more concerned with what westerners consider sweet flavors (like cinnamon). Now you can use spices singly, but you will get much more variety of flavour if you combine spices. This will also allow you to experiment to find combinations that you like and to use for ...


I have loved white pepper on Japanese chicken wings & Thai curry for many years. It is a wonderful spice. BUT, I started tasting it in Thai curry from a particular restaurant a few years ago & was disgusted by the manure flavor. I couldn't make out what part of the dish was tainting my beloved Thai green curry, if my tastes were changing or what. ...

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