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The rule of thumb is "if it doesn't say Ceylon, it's Cassia." Ceylon can be up to 10 times more expensive than Cassia. You simply won't find Ceylon for $22 per kilogram.


The colour from the spices can give us a hint as to the proportions. With 12 ingredients, if they were in equal proportions you'd have 8% turmeric which is already going to do quite a bit to make it yellow. But it won't have equal proportions: The cayenne and paprika would make it come out red or at least deep orange if so, and the nutmeg flavour would be ...


You have the ingredients, just start mixing spices together and experiment. That being said, there are tons of recipe for Tandoori spice blends out there; with similar ingredients list, they all have different ratios, again, pick one and experiment with it; they all taste different. Color : They will also use Annatto seed top color the blend (and I'm sure ...


Looks like cardamom to me, regularly used in Indian and other South Asian cuisine and often left as whole seed pods in dishes for unsuspecting diners to accidentally chew on.

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