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Oven solution. Toast spices in the bottom of your dry pot. Whole spices (e.g. peppercorn, cumin, coriander, cinnamon) toast better. Pour spices out into ceramic bowl or saucepan (they are hot!). Fry onions in hot pot. Add wet stuff (wine? cognac? V8 juice?) to deglaze pot bottom + onions. Scrape it around with a spatula to loosen up good brown onion ...


If your spices are sticking to the bottom you may have the pan too hot, and/or not enough oil. Spices need definitely benefit from some frying to release their flavors, however too hot and you can burn them, and if there's not enough oil they tend to clump, stick and sometimes burn. I like to turn the heat down a bit below medium before frying off my spices, ...


Can you smell bleach? If yes, rinse it & use it. If not, just use it. Is it stained? If not, just use it. If yes, you can remove the staining with bicarbonate paste made with water or Barkeeper's Friend. Once any staining is gone, the natural coating [chromium oxide passive layer] will reform. Just cook with it as normal.

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