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I have taken several steaks basically straight from the fridge and started to cook them. My observations: No noticeable difference from when I let them rest. Most commonly people refer to the "blood" in steak. There is no blood, it is a type of protein that is mostly water-based, called myoglobin. Depending on the quality, cut, and the flavor you are ...


No issues, as long as you control the temperature and remain outside the danger zone. In other words, can you cold smoke below 40F (4.5C)? Time in the danger zone is cumulative. Freezing does not re-set the clock. If you can't stay out of the danger zone during the smoke step, I would smoke, sous vide, then freeze. This is probably a more common ...


You are right that mechanical probes sense temperature along the length of the probe, so they are only accurate if they are almost completely embedded in the food. Electric probes on the other hand have a thermocouple at the tip of the probe, so they are much more accurate. I suggest you get a digital probe instead.


I have always found mechanical thermometers hard to work with. The problem with them is as you noticed, unless a considerable portion of the probe is inserted it’s hard to get a reliable reading. I’m not sure if recalibration could help. When you recalibrate, say using boiling water, your readings on the thermometer will also be affected by the ambient ...

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