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Foaming is the result of proteins. For example, urine (sorry) foams when protein levels are high (persons with kidney failure can judge their urinary protein levels by how much foaming occurs). Vegetables have no protein; shrimp juices, plenty. Fats counteract protein foam formation, so egg whites ( very high protein) foam nicely, but not if any yolk or ...


Starch is a polymer of glucose. To use the glucose you need to break pieces off the starch. Starch concentration decreases as the starch molecules are broken up. source This is hydrolysis, because water is added to break the sugar molecules off. You need acid to help, or enzymes like amylase. Some vegetables have amylase in them which they intend to ...


Some Oil will keep it down but won't alleviate it completely. Another trick is to just season the shrimp as you normally do and put them in a ziptop bag or vacuum bag with as much of the air out as possible. If using a ziptop bag, put everything in and with the top still cracked open a little on one side, submerge it almost to the top. Then seal it, that ...


After catching and cleaning them, I usually freeze them. One day in the freezer is enough to break some of the tissues, which helps making it much softer.

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