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As suggested by OP in a comment, it is likely that a milky, creamy broth is the result of fat emulsifying into the broth due to too-violently boiling the broth. For context: when making a Tonkotsu ramen broth, this style of milky broth (typically made with pork rather than beef bones) is often the desired result, hence you'll find recipes calling for a ...


There is no functional difference, just a matter of preference. Pots are pots, in this case. Same material and essentially the same size.


I buy tubs of Knorr stock powder from restaurant supply stores here in the uk, it's a different product from their cubes, and has a very different flavor, there's also a paste. It may be worth having a look at those. Knorr is the brand I see in the bulk quantities you'd typically see in a restaurant kitchen that you can get retail, other brands are not sold ...


Both Knorr & Maggi have been going since forever. I really would expect it to be one or the other [Bisto & Oxo too, but for some reason I always think of them as being more of a home product]. I don't have flavour comparisons though for the catering-sized bouillon pastes compared to the domestic cubes, so this is a pure guess - but I can't imagine ...

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