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Made stock last night with chicken carcass and assorted vegetable and fruit peelings. Used an InstantPot for 2 hours at high pressure. Separated and saved the clear stock. Looked at the remaining solids, and reached for the hand blender. Added water and pureed the lot, including the bones. Gave it another 15 minutes at high pressure in the InstantPot. A ...


This is very similar to a false bottom used for mashing in brewing beer. For that purpose the point is the opposite, to keep things from getting to the bottom and scorching. But it seems like it'd work just as well for what you're trying to do.


This tool actually exists, in several forms. One is the Japanese otoshibuta, per the answer to this related question. While most otoshibutas are wooden disks, perforated metal ones do exist. The version I'm familiar with, and in fact make in my pottery shop, is the Dolma Weight. This takes the form of a heavy ceramic disk with holes in it, and despite the ...


Have you considered repurposing a steamer insert? I don't know how the weight would suit you, but if you're handy, you could probably chop the feet off and add a weight to the top stem thing. Although the feet shouldn't cause too much of an issue. The main problem I foresee using a steamer insert in this way would be cleaning it. But as long as you don't let ...


I will sometimes use a strainer or a colander, which keeps floating things out of the way when I want to skim or remove liquid. Another option is a soup sock.

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