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It is the opposite. Fermenting lowers the pH of the cream, making it taste sour. And the time you can ferment it is limited by how sour you can stand to eat it. If you ferment it for too long, the taste will be simply unpleasant. Typical fermentation times are similar to yogurt and will depend on your culture. I ferment with thermophillic lactobacilii ...


The Italians made theirs, all in one day, laid on cloth covered tables and dried in the sun, then stored in cardboard boxes.


Aging is a process that happens when the water naturally and slowly evaporates from the cheese. I don't think this would happen in a can. The same reason that you can't age whiskey after is bottled.


Cheese aging or cheese ripening is influenced by a variety of factors, ranging from the microflora to the curd, and others. The enzymatic process is the most crucial process for all cheeses, although bacteria plays a role in many varieties. You can see the same process with certain cheeses (parmesan, amsterdam): store them properly in the fridge and they ...

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