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If you are sure, that there is no sugar left in your vinegar, then the answer is yes. Acetic acid bacteria use O2 to convert alcohol. If the bottle is closed and they used up the O2, the fermentation stops. Even if there is some air in the bottle when you seal it, the pressure build-up caused ...


Cook them in dishes. I use sun dried tomatoes in my go-to pasta sauce. While mine are usually in oil, I have used others in the past. I suggest thinking of them in the same way as anchovies. On their own, they can be near inedible, but when cooked in a dish, they almost dissolve into pure flavor. The same can be done with your tomatoes: After a while, ...


Two potential solutions: Buy a different brand, one that's not packed in salt. Most sun-dried tomatoes are air dried and have minimal salt content, even if they're not packed in oil. Soak these the way you would salt cod: in the fridge, for a day or more, changing the water 2-3 times. This should remove the salt, but might also turn them to mush.

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