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I have also had this happen. Once when I bought two at the same time with the same expiration date. The one I took to the office was fine....the one I used at home was already curdled when I opened it the next morning. It seems to happen with the Publix store brand. I think it has to do with their open shelving refrigeration as the items in front may get too ...


The CO2 would have to actually leave the bottle for the drink to go flat, and that's no more likely than when you store it at constant temperature. I often do this anyway as I'm short of fridge space and don't drink many fizzy drinks, and I've never had a problem


If it's unopened it will stay perfectly fine, cold or warm, until the Best Before date printed on it. It doesn't need refrigerating until opened - unless, of course, you want to drink it cold ;)


Joe's comment is correct. If you haven't canned them as long as the recommendation then you can't have confidence that they will be safe for a long period at room temperature. Your options are to try again or treat them as not shelf stable. The downside with trying to can them again is that the food is likely to be hopelessly overcooked. For something ...

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