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Is sugar in syrup necessary?

As you said, syrup is sugar with some water and some flavorings, in your case herbs. It is frequently used as a concentrate for flavored drinks. If you instead boil herbs in water, you are not making ...
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Is sugar in syrup necessary?

‘Sugar free’ syrups exist, but they usually have some sort of artificial sweetener as a replacement. Typically they’re sold for flavoring coffee or snow cones. Besides the sweetness, the sugar gives ...
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Is sugar in syrup necessary?

Sugar traditionally is an essential part of sweetener syrup, the reason being that pre-dissolving the sucrose as an aqueous solution makes it much easier to mix into fluids where solid sucrose doesn't ...
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Alternative Flours Tortillas

This is because your plan is contradictory - the flours you have chosen are not suitable to producing a fluffy tortilla. The largest problem is that your flours don't contain gluten. Without gluten, ...
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Using osmotolerant yeast in regular bread

I found some more specific information here: https://bakerpedia.com/ingredients/osmotolerant-yeast/ Osmotolerant yeast can perform well at: Sugar content above 5% and as high as 25%. Salt content ...
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What's the formula for cutting vinegar acidity?

I know this is somewhat old. However, for conversion of a higher concentration to a lower concentration the classic formula is V1.C1 = V2.C2 (or Vi.Ci = Vf.Cf) Where C1 is your starting concentration ...
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Can ghee be used instead of butter in dessert recipes?

To sub ghee for butter in a baking recipe you'd need to add a blend of water and ghee to make up for the water lost during the ghee making process. For my recipes, I use about 10% water to 90% ghee by ...

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