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Well, after this came up in another question and after realizing data on this was hard to find online, I pulled out my graduated cylinder and tried it myself. As noted in comments, measuring sugar by volume is very inexact. I found that simply by pouring sugar into the graduated cylinder and tapping it, I could start with about 110mL and tap it down to ...


For a clear direct response for your question: yes, there is a correlation between sugar concentration and spoil rate. The correlation is actually between any kind of solute and spoil rate, so that's the reason for using salt and sugar as agents for preserving foods. The technical name is "water availability" and the maths behind that is "free water ...


Here is how you can extend its life. Pour the syrup into a freezer bag. The syrup can last in the freezer for as long as a year.


** WARNING : First find out if it is safe to heat Splenda-like sweeteners! ** I would rather try using honey + a little of lemon juice + instant coffee if you are looking for a syrup result...

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