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How do tamales cook?

Cooking isn’t instant. You don’t just bring food to a particular temperature and then the physical reactions have happened and the food is done. Many of the processes happen slowly at the target ...
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How do tamales cook?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of things going on, physically and thermodynamically, during cooking. The Maillard reaction is not especially important. It is just one of several types of browning, ...
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How do tamales cook?

To be specifically clear, what takes an hour (or more) is the starch gelatinization of the masa: During heating and in the presence of excess water, starch granules initially imbibe (bind) water ...
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Why is my masa mushy?

I know this thread is way old but I did just find it 😀It took me years to figure out that it was my meat filling that was too wet, making my tamales take forever to steam.
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Is there an alternative wrapping for tamales?

My mom (from Guadalajara) used to often wrap them in parchment paper, since it can withstand being heated/steamed. I don't know why she started doing it - probably because it annoyed her that the ...
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Tamales with rendered turkey fat and clarified butter - No pork?

I recommend clarifying the butter first, and then using it for your tamales. Butter is about 16-18% water, which could significantly affect the fat content of the dish. If you do that, it should work ...
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When do I freeze tamales?

In response to when you should freeze your tamales; I have been making tamales with my family since I was a child. We assembly our tamales and put a dozen of them in a freezer bag. We freeze them ...
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What is a good way to steam tamales without a "tamale steamer?"

Cut corn off cob by cutting off end and put cobs along bottom of pot. Works great and gives a corn flavor. An old Mexican way I watched on PBS.
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What's the difference between masa for tortillas and for tamales?

Masa para tamales is simply a coarser grind. In some markets it is referred to as masa quebradita. Masa para tortillas is a finer grind. Neither is made from dry powder and neither is made from ...
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