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When processing leaves into tea, there are three important steps: Withering: this happens in the shadow or in the sun depending on what tea you want to make. In your case, I think sun-drying is proper. The goal is to allow the leaves to dry and soften a bit. Rolling: after withering, you can roll the leaves, to squeesh the flavor from the inside to the ...


Back in the day my grandfather would prepare for us "功夫茶" as a closing part of a meal. He would add near boiling water to the tea leaves and then discard all the water through the teapot. The second time adding water is for brewing the tea. This process takes about 2-3 minutes. Reusing the tea leaves is up to personal preference and the type of tea leaves ...


Ingredients often used in China to flavor green tea are the following (i've separated them in fruity and flowery depending on what end result you want to achieve): Fruity: - Goji berries - Jujube fruits Flowery: - Osmanthus flowers - Lavender flowers - Chrysanthemum flower

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