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How much thermostat "range" in oven temperature is too much?

It's been a while since this post was active but I wanted to share my experience. I am from Spain but I currently live in Dominican Republic. Here most people use gas ovens. I used to rent a furnished ...
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Safe Water Boiled Lentils

Such guidelines do not exist. The FDA (and other agencies with a similar scope of tasks, in the USA and internationally) only create standards and regulations where they see a need for it. Apparently, ...
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Food temperature "danger zone" - is it really binary?

My assumption is that the guidelines are set based on outcomes, as opposed to growth vs temperature for any given bacteria, fungus, or other agent. e.g., "When we set the guideline at X, how many ...
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Food temperature "danger zone" - is it really binary?

Neither is it binary, nor is there a formula. is there a more scientific guideline out there that somehow measures safety objectively No, there isn't, and there isn't anything that could be ...
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Food temperature "danger zone" - is it really binary?

You are absolutely right, it's not binary at all. Bacterial growth doesn't magically accelerate at 40°F, the difference in growth rate between 39.9°F and 40.1°F is extremely small. I'm going to switch ...
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