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I just made two batches of chocolate chip cookies. One recipe had butter creamed at room temperature and the other had melted butter. The ones with the melted butter were noticeably chewier. Both batches are yummy. We prefer the melted butter.


..... A distinct option would be to make little sugar cookie cups to place the nougat chunks in. I wouldn't completely enclose the nougat in dough and bake it, but cookie bowls could make a pleasant, customizable delivery system if other options are dissatisfactory. Just take a stiff, decorator-approved cookie dough, portion, and with a thumb or measuring ...


I tried to make nougat for the first time. The consistancy was way to soft. I left it few hours. I just did not want to waist all that ingredients. I pour the.. Way to soft nougat in a glass bowl and add a little bit of corn flour. I put the glass bowl. Over a pot with boiling water and stir and stir and stir. It reached a nice chewy consistancy and I ...

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