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There’s a food processing trick, where producers use dextrin to keep the coating crisp for hours. You simply replace some of the flour (around 20%) in your recipe with dextrin and you’re good to go. As the other answer mentions, multiple layers also helps creating a thick barrier to slow down moisture seeping into the coating. You can use dextrin in both ...


I am skeptical, but I have not tried this recipe. The chef, Justin Wu, claims that double dredging in a combination of wheat and rice flours allows him to keep his fried chicken crisp, even after refrigeration. It is intended to be served cold. He soaks in spiced buttermilk, then dredges in flour. The chicken is then refrigerated for an hour. Before ...


The same thing happened to me. I think in my case the coffee I used to dip the ladyfingers in was too hot - it should be room temperature or cold. If it's too hot, it can mess with the eggs and mascarpone.

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