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This almost sounds like someone converted a classic mousse recipe to use tofu instead of dairy. My suggestion is to simply use any dairy with a consistency similar to your soft tofu, in the same ratio as the tofu. You can use cream cheese, if you are accustomed to the combination with chocolate. If you aren't, you might be unpleasantly surprised - in that ...


Toast tofu slices under the broiler. I agree with Tesujin re stainless and frying. Tofu turns out ok in my nonstick pan but I know some people don't like Teflon. I have had great results from the broiler! Try this 1: Slice brick into rectangles. 2: Coat rectangles with oil. 3: Sprinkle on kosher salt. Under broiler until top of tofu slices is ...


Did you try avocado? It is often used for no bake vegan chocolate cakes, although I personally never tried it. Otherwise to hide the tofu taste you could add more flavour like vanilla extract, coffee, chestnut cream... I often put vanilla soy yoghourt in my cakes, it gives a great taste and texture (in baked cakes).


I have put a small quantity of tofu water/whey in breadmaking once. I believe it is the ingredient that made my bread rise higher.


I recently started making tofu, and I have got it to successfully coagulate into firm-ish tofu using nigari. My recipe (approximately) Ingredients: Soy beans, cold water, nigari Equipment needed: pot, blender, tofu mold, filter bag Soak the beans at least overnight. Discard the soaking water afterwards. Grind the beans in a blender with a suitable amount ...

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