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Will dried tomatoes have the taste of tomato gel?

There is a load of umami in any form of tomato. However, at least to my taste, different forms of tomato taste quite different. Dried tomato does not taste like the inside of a fresh tomato. To be ...
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Can sun dried tomatoes be eaten without rehydrating?

Beef Jerky comes to mind. It too starts of full of moisture before being dried, and then eaten when it is still dry. There are also a plethora of other dried fruits... from raisins, to various types ...
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What gives the gel like substance in tomato its flavour, how to utilise it when cooking?

Jose Andres, world renown chef and humanitarian, wrote in one of his early tapas cookbooks that he and his colleagues made the same discovery when working with tomatoes at El Bulli early in his career....
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Does microwaving/grilling tomatoes leave them a bit raw/undercooked?

Food explodes in the microwave when steam builds up inside and there's no way to escape. Don't try microwaving a whole egg in its shell. Food not cooked long enough will be... uncooked. If you poke a ...
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Which tomato product will give a very sweet, tangy result?

A home-made stock tomato sauce can enhance sweetness, tang, and complexity without harshness by layering tomato flavours and seasoning .. Finely sliced garlic brought to a gold colour, from cold, in (...
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