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I'm from my Mexico and my mom would always just a couple of corn tortillas to make the salsa thicker. If there are no tortillas chips work too.


one run at Google shows a more complex process to make tomato sauce. but i guess this answer would depend on recipe ...


What you are observing is that the bulk of the price of tomato products is not the tomatoes. The price of the can and shipping far outweigh the few cents of tomatoes the can contains. With fresh tomatoes you are still mostly not paying for tomatoes. You are paying for the gas and people to ship and stock your tomato and all the other tomatoes that were ...


It's cheap because it is easy and cheap to make/produce. They don't need to have perfect tomatoes to make tomato paste, compared to making canned tomatoes or tomato sauce. (IMO)


I have tried adding other acidic ingredients, such as lemon, to compensate for what tomato adds to a curry. It doesn't work with dairy, but it does work with nut-based milks (coconut and cashew are my go-to for curry). It won't substitute anything by itself, but it still helps balance out the flavour profile that's thrown outta wack from lack of tomato. I ...


Tomato paste, according to menu, ie 2/3tbl spoons per 500grm meat. Can add a squirt of tomato sauce for that hint of sweet at end before serving.


I was the same way as the OP and found the lighter coloured Roma tomatoes to suit my tastes best. Very mild tomato flavour even in the brighter red ones. I don't much like tomatoes but I love Roma tomatoes!

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