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This is a modern day version of a Foley Fork. Authentic ones are very rare and collectible. My Aunt swore she could not make her (Best in the world) yeast rolls without her Foley Fork for the dough.


Yes it is safe, all microwaves work on the same principle, and use the same range of radio frequencies to heat food. All microwaves used to be flatbeds, most commercial microwaves are still flatbeds, so you have nothing to worry about.


This tool is certainly labelled as a pasta server/measurer on Alibaba. It doesn't look useful for such, though. It looks more like an herb stripping tool. Here's a link on amazon to a similar product.


I don’t know if it has an official name, but it’s a spaghetti tool. The holes are for measuring portions and the tines are for stirring in the boiling water and for serving after it’s strained.


Yes, you can use a honing steel with a damascus-style carbon steel knife blade. Depending on what you have, you may need to get a harder honing steel, because the carbon steel of the knife is harder than a stainless blade. I have a honing steel from Shun that works quite well. Do NOT use that "Anysharp" sharpener or any sharpener like it. Such sharpeners ...


Damascus steel was carbon steel with non-uniform carbon content (to give ripple pattern). It would be sharpened the same as any other steel knife. I don't know how a knife made today with the name "Damascus" is made. For my ordinary stainless ( typically 420 = 13% Cr ) I usually just use the wet stone and don't bother with the steel.

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