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White Mold on Apple Cider Vinegar, Salvagable?

Honestly, it doesn't look good. If there was ever an active acetic acid bacteria culture there (and I don't see signs of one) the mold has long since outcompeted it, eaten up the sugar, and possibly ...
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What is growing on my homemade blackberry vinegar?

That looks like mold. I would discard it. You don’t describe the process of how you made it, but if I had to make an educated guess, I would assume that you made your blackberry vinegar by combining ...
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Can mold grow in vinegar?

I see that people are calling this a "vinegar mother," but for anyone who sees this post in the future, this is most definitely mold. There is a mother at the bottom of Thomas' bottle, but ...
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How much dried woodruff in vinegar?

There is no practically useful way of answering your question. There is indeed a defined food safety limit for use of coumarin: 5 mg per kg food (source, in German). But since you just picked some ...
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Wheat berry vinegar

White powdery sediment is a common occurrence in lacto-fermented foods, and it is simply a byproduct of the fermentation. It is not harmful.
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White Mold on Apple Cider Vinegar, Salvagable?

Rather than adding fresh ingredients to it, I would try your fresh ingredients in a smaller jar by themselves until you get acidity/a mother, and then add the working mother to the difficult batch. Or,...
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